ATTEN MS500 3 in 1 Rework Station

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The ATTEN MS500 3 in 1 rework station consists of a hot air station (ST-862D), a soldering station (ST-9150), a laboratory power supply (APS22-5A) and a rack kit for transport and installation.

1. ATTEN ST-862D Hot air station

The ATTEN ST-862D hot air soldering station is a unit with 1000 watts of power, whereby the station reaches operating temperature very quickly. The temperature can be set manually between 100 and 480 degrees ° C or set to one of three user-defined temperatures at the push of a button. The device has an adjustable volume flow (max. 120 L / min). With the silicone buttons, temperature & volume flow as well as a variety of built-in functions such as an auto-sleep function can be regulated. In addition, the system has an overheating protection system and a good cooling system that allows very long operation.

2. Soldering station ST-9150

The Atten ST-9150 soldering station has a high quality heating element with 150 watts of power. The ST-9150 is equipped with a user-friendly display. The soldering station automatically lowers the temperature to 80 ° C when not in use. This enables a longer service life of the soldering tip. Three different soldering temperatures can easily be programmed individually and can be called up directly by pressing the appropriate selection key.

The soldering station is covered with a soldering holder. With 65 watts of power, the soldering tip heats up very quickly, and the high temperature stability (2 ° C) enables very precise work. The soldering station comes with a round soldering tip with a diameter of 0.2 mm. You can see more soldering tips under accessories.

3. Laboratory power supply APS22-5A

The APS22-5A is an adjustable laboratory power supply with a maximum output power of 125W. The voltage can be adjusted in fine steps between 0-22 V. The current intensity can be switched between 0.5 and 5A with a switch. The device has an LCD screen and an analog display. The power supply unit of the APS series was developed for the requirements of communication maintenance technicians, schools and developers. The product uses a series type regulated voltage scheme with the best current stability and is controlled by a digital MCU chip. It is characterized by very high stability and low residual ripple, simple operation and control as well as a large number of protective functions, it is particularly suitable for use in the communications industry.


  • Patented heater for quick heating
  • Switchable between target and actual temperature.
  • Intelligent cooling system and delayed shutdown function to extend the service life of the hand piece.
  • LCD screen for visualization of the control.
  • Temperature adjustment protection, automatic time-controlled switch-off.
  • MCU-controlled temperature calibration, compensation for constant work.
  • High volume flow with brush-less fan.
  • Convertible with Straight Air and Spiral Air.
  • Auto sleep function.
Model ST-862D
Power 1000 Watt
Temperature range 100℃ - 480℃
Temperature accuracy (outgoing air) 35℃
Volume flow (air) 120 L/min (max) | 30 L /min (min)
Setting range of the volume flow 10% - 100%
Available temperature units °F / °C
Standby cooling function Yes
Error detection Short circuit / missing heating element / overheating
Beep alarm function Available
Quick access 3 user-defined temperatures and flow rates
Temperature compensation 50°C
Heating status Display on LCD
Timing function 20s to 600s (Adjustable)
Temperature setting 10 Digits / 1 Digit (Fein-Tuning)
Volume flow adjustment 2 Digits / 1 Digit (Fein-Tuning)
Noise <52dB(A)
Operating temperatur 0℃~40℃
Model ST-9150
Power 150 Watt
Temperature range 80°C - 450°C
Temperature offset range ±50°C
Temperature setting 5 digits (Default)/1 digit (Fine-tuning)
Temperature stability 1°C
Heater High quality four-wire wire heater with silver alloy
ESD Safe
Earth resistance < 2 Ohm
Earth potential < 2 mV
Dimensions 168 x 110 x 95mm
Weight 2.0 Kg
channel 1
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz 
RoHS Conform
Model APS22-5A
Input Voltage AC 240V/230V/220V/110V/120V
Output Voltage 0-5V / 0-22V (dual steps)
Output Current 0,5A / 5A (dual steps)
Output Power 125 W (including USB output Interface)
Ripple & Noise cV ≤ 0,5mVrms
Line Regulation cV ≤ 0,01% + 3mV
Load Regulation cV ≤ 0,01% + 8mV
Read Back Accuracy 0.5 ± 2 digits (Display) / Class 2.5 (Current Pointer Class) 
Protection Function OCP (support automatically recover) / OHP
Other Functions Coarse tuning / fine tuning switch 5V / 15 V switch / 0,5 A- 3A switch and parameter locking
USB Interface Fixed 5V Output (±5%) maximum 2.1A output (overcurrent protection, stop outputting)
Heat-dispassing method Smart fan control
working condition Temp.: 0-40°c
RoHS Konform