ATTEN ST-1090 Temperature Tester


ATTEN ST-1090 Temperature Tester

1. The sensor is made of very thin (φ0.2mm) metal wire. It should be used with care and not bend or break.
2. The housing of the thermometer is made of plastic. Do not touch the tip of the soldering iron.
3. The sensor is a consumable item (life of about 50-60 times), long time use, the alloy layer is worn out, the measurement will be inaccurate, and need to be replaced New sensor.
4. Alcohol can be used to clean the flux attached to the terminal. Do not use thinner or volatile oil.
5. If the display shows -1, it means that the temperature sensor has been scrapped (or no sensor is installed) and a new one needs to be replaced.
6. If it displays, it means the battery is low, and the temperature cannot be measured normally, and the battery needs to be replaced. It is recommended remove the battery if not to use it for a long time .
7. The 191-212 temperature sensor is only suitable for measuring the temperature below 500℃, such as measuring higher temperature, please use the appropriate Temperature probe.
8. Do not blow the hot air gun directly to the ST-1090 for measurement. Blowing directly will damage the ST-1090 host.

Specifications: Model ST-1090
Temperature range 0-800℃/32-1500℉
Resolution 1℃/1℉
Accuracy Temperature ±5℃/±9℉
Sensing wire K-type thermocouple
Display LCD
Power 9V DC High-performance carbon battery
Operating environment 0℃~40℃/32℉~104℉
Size 75x143.5x41.5mm
Weight 185g

Package list :
Host ST-1090:1
Battery: 1
K-type thermo couple test wire:1
Sensor : 10
MINI USB data line 1

NO 9V Battery included