ATTEN ST-2090D 80W soldering station


ATTEN ST-2090D Economical 80W soldering station is a multifunction Constant Variable Temperature Digital Soldering Station With Soldering Wire Holder.


· This product designed with nixie tube style display.
· MCU controlled temperature calibration with PID system equipped, adjust temperature by knob button, easy to operate.
· Combined soldering station with soldering stand.
· The handle structure is ergonomically designed for comfortable grip.
· The heating wire and sensor are made of PTC material, which is quick in temperature rise and precise in temperature control.
· Auto-standby, auto-shut down is available.
· Using 3 cored power cable.

Power : 80 W
Temperature range : 80℃ - 480℃℃
Dimensions : 220 X 200 X 140 mm
Weight : 1.5 kg
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