ATTEN PR35-3A-3C 3A Three Channels Linear DC Power Supply


ATTEN PR35-3A-3C 3A Three Channels Linear DC Power Supply

PR series three channels DC regulated power supply is high precision, high reliability constant voltage and constant current linear DC regulated power supply. This series have simple operation, durable in use, multiple functions, high quality and reasonable price advantages.

  • Low ripple and noise
  • 4 digital displays
  • OVP,OCP,OHP protection functions
  • Three channels complete isolation power supply output
  • No need external connection, just one button can realize Series/ parallel status switching
  • Flip type Panel covers to avoid misoperation
  • Intelligent fan cooling system can automatically adjust according to machine internal temperature, which makes the noise low.

Package includes:

Main Unit: 1 Unit
Manual: 1 pcs

Specifications: PR35-3A-3C PR35-5A-3C
Input voltage: 220V±10%,50Hz/60Hz(optional ) 220V±10%,50Hz/60Hz(optional )
Rated output power 215W
Output channel: Channel 1 Output channel:
105W Channel 2 105W
105W Channel 3 105W
5W Channel 1 5W
175W Channel 2 175W
175W Channel 3 175W
5W 5W 5W
Rated output voltage: 0~35V
Maximum preset voltage: 105% of ratng (V)
Setting resolution: 1mV
Setting accuracy: 0.2% set + 0.1% ratng
Display accuracy: ±(0.5% of rdng+2digits)
Line regulation: 3mV
Load regulation: 10mV
Transient response: 50us
Ripple noise: 0.5mVrms
Output current: 0~3A
Maximum preset current: 105% of ratng(A)
Setting resolution: 0.1mA
Setting accuracy: 0.3% set +0.1% ratng
Display accuracy: ±(1% of rdng+5digits)
Line regulation: 5mA
Load regulation: 5mA
Ripple noise: 1mArms
Temperature coefficient: 200ppm/℃(typ)
Protection functions: OVP/OCP/OHP
Voltage Tracking Characteristic: Series≤300mV Voltage Tracking Characteristic:
Parallel≤200mV Series≤300mV
Parallel≤200mV Parallel≤200mV
Operating temperature: 0℃ to +40℃
Operating humidity: <85%RH
Weight: 12.8KG/PCS
Size(WxHxD): 250x186x385mm 250x186x385mm