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TPR series program-controlled power supply is designed for the needs of scientific research and testing, training schools and related engineering research and development personnel. The product adopts series type regulated voltage scheme with the current best stability and is controlled by digital MCU chip. It owns very high stability and low ripple, simple operation and control, and all kinds of protection functions.

Product features:

1.It adopts double four-position high-precision voltage, ammeter head and pure MCU digital control output for better stability and higher precision.
2.Product constant voltage CV / constant current CC mode, which enables continuously adjustable output within the rated range.
3.It can be converted to external control mode, external input control voltage, used to control the main power supply voltage and current output.
4. It has extended master-slave parallel, series operation mode, which is more convenient for user to use series-parallel expansion.
5. Provide 10 convenient and fast parameter storage functions (including OVP and OCP setting values), which is convenient for users to  quickly and directly call the output.
6.Provide external monitoring function for main output voltage and current parameters, which can be connected to a higher precision meter for display.
7.It has functions of storable output parameters, status lock, and alarm.
8.The intelligent cooling system adopts a double ball fan to automatically control the fan speed according to the internal temperature, making it quieter and longer-lived.
9.Support computer program control, standard RS232 communication interface.

Package includes

Main Unit: 1 Unit
Manula:1 pcs