ATTEN MS300 3 in 1 Rework Station

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ATTEN MS300 3 in 1 Rework Station

Hot Air Station ST-862D

● LCD display screen making control visualization.
● Temperature unite switching function.
● Temperature locking ,timed work function.
● MCU controlled temperature calibration,compensation for constant working .
● Strong air volume with brushless fan.
● Easy to replace with pluggable heater.
● Convertible with straight air and spiral air.
● Auto-sleep function.

Soldering Station ST-965

● Automatic standby, shutdown with smart time setting.
● Beep alarm function available.
● Temperature locking, temperature calibration and temperature alarming function.
●Password protecting function and temperature unite switching function
● MCU controlled temperature calibration.
● New design with LCD display screen making control visualization.
● Buttons(1,2,3) for pre-setting or switching frequentlyused temperature.

Power Suppy APS15-3A

● Controlled by MCU digital and series adjustment, low ripple, low noise and high stability.
●Designed with double types of tables, more suitable for telecommunication devices.
● Fast dynamic load response speed, optimized proceed for communication equipments.
●Support automatically recovered overcurrent protection(OCP) and overheating function(OHP).
●Support dual Voltage and dual Current, It can adjust voltage 0-5V and 0-15V.   Current can select 0.5A and 5A, can be suitable for difffferent kinds of devices.
● Independent USB interface, which can provide current 2.1A output, support overcurrent and short circuit protection.