CP600 30A Programmable DC Power Supply

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Product overview:
CP series power supply is a high-precision, high-reliability, constant-voltage, constant-current, constant-power switching linear regulated power supply. The product adopts innovative double voltage-regulated structure of switch regulated voltage + linear regulated voltage, and also features high efficiency and high power of switching power supply, and the low ripple and high reliability of the linear power supply.

Application fields:

  • Use 100-240VAC common AC Input ,which can make any AC network voltage from all over the world to adjust automatically .
  • Over voltage, over current, over power, over heating protection functions.
  • Low ripple, large current and high cost effective.
  • Smart Fan cooling system with low noise.
  • Conducting remote control through USB or RS232.

Product features:
    1. The product is suitable for 100-240V AC universal AC input, universal use for the global power grid.
    2. Pure digital MCU control, long-term use to ensure product accuracy, long service life, and low temperature drift.
    3. High-precision setting and read-back display, built-in 16-bit D/A  20-bit A/D converter.
    4. The product has high efficiency and built-in power factor correction circuit.
    5. Pure hardware OVP, OCP, OHP, OPP protection, OVP/OCP protection values can be set separately.
    6. Front switch regulated voltage + post linear regulated voltage, double regulated voltage structure, high efficiency, and low ripple.
    7. With local or remote voltage acquisition, and automatic compensation function. Long-distance measurement can also ensure accuracy.
    8. Provide 3 groups of quick parameter storage function to quickly call the settings.
    9. Provide coarse adjustment and fine adjustment functions.Voltage setting accuracy is up to 1mV, current 1mA.
    10. Intelligent temperature-controlled fan, automatically controlling the speed of heat dissipation.
    11. Standard USB, RS232 communication interface, which can be connected and controlled with the PC.

Specifications: CP600-30V/30A CP900-30V/30A
Volatge: 100-265V AC 100-265V AC
Input frequency: 47-63Hz 47-63Hz
PFC: >0.98 >0.98
Output power: 0-600W (constant power) 0-900W
Output voltage: 0-31V 0-31V
Output current: 0-31A 0-31A
Working method: CV/CC/CP CV/CC
Voltage setting resolution: 1mV 1mV
Maximum preset voltage: 31V 31V
Setting accuracy: 0.05%set + 20mV 0.05%set + 20mV
Transient response: 100uS 100uS
Line regulation: 0.01% +5mV 0.01% +5mV
Load regulation: 0.1% + 5mV 0.1% + 5mV
Voltage display resolution: 10mV 10mV
Voltage display accuracy: ±(0.05% of reading+2digits) at 23±5℃ ±(0.05% of reading+2digits) at 23±5℃
Ripple noise(rms): 100mVp-p/10mVrms 100mVp-p/10mVrms
Rise time (Rated Load): 150mS 150mS
Fall time (No Load): 150mS 150mS
Temperature coefficient: 100ppm/℃(TYP Value) 100ppm/℃(TYP Value)
Setting resolution: 1mA 1mA
Maximum preset current: 31A 31A
Setting accuracy: 0.1% set +0.1% rating 0.1% set +0.1% rating
Line regulation: 0.1%+10mA 0.1%+10mA
Load regulation: 0.2%+10mA 0.2%+10mA
Ripple noise: 50mA 50mA
Temperature coefficient: 200ppm/℃ 200ppm/℃
Current display resolution: 1mA(≤10A) / 10mA(≥10A) 1mA(≤10A) / 10mA(≥10A)
Current display accuracy: ±(0.2% of reading+30 digits) at 23±5℃ ±(0.2% of reading+30 digits) at 23±5℃
Protection functions:
OVP range:0.3V—Rated Voltage +1.5VOCP 
range:0.3A—Rated Voltage +1.5A
OVP、OCP、OHP、OPP、SCP(short circuit protection) OVP、OCP、OHP、OPP、SCP(short circuit protection)
Efficiency(full load): ≥85% ≥85%
Communication method: USB、RS232 USB、RS232